al|lot «uh LOT», transitive verb, -lot|ted, -lot|ting.
1. to divide and distribute in parts or shares: »

The profits from the candy sale have been allotted equally to the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

2. to give as a share, task, duty, or the like; assign: »

The teacher allotted each boy a part in the Christmas play.

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under assign. (Cf.assign)
3. to appropriate (anything) to a special purpose; allocate: »

Ten years I will allot to the attainment of knowledge (Samuel Johnson).

[< Middle French allotir < Old French aloter < a- to + lot lot < a Germanic word]
al|lot´ta|ble, adjective.
al|lot´ter, noun.
Synonym Study 1 Allot, apportion mean to give out in shares. Allot emphasizes giving set amounts for a definite purpose or to particular persons, and does not suggest the way in which the shares are set or distributed: »

The Government is ready to allot homesteads in that area.

Apportion emphasizes division and distribution according to a fair plan, usually in proportions settled by some rule: »

The reward money was apportioned among those who had helped in the rescue.

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